Hack the Industry of the Future! Join GE and Intel for two days of hacking, learning, and networking. At Minds+Machines, experience live industrial machines, from gas turbines to intelligent lighting; then develop solutions solving some of the industry’s toughest challenges. Build a Digital Twin; empower the workforce of the future; and create intelligent environments. Send a developer team into the race, with the chance to win prizes valued at $100k – including cash prizes, and industry accelerator programs. This hackathon is brought to you in collaboration with GE Power, GE Energy Connections and Intel.

This event is private and NOT open to the public. Only register if you have a confirmation to the Minds and Machines hackathon.


  • The Hackathon is an in-person event and will take place at Pier 48 in San Francisco, California, USA.
  • The Mind + Machines hackathon begins Tuesday November 15th 2016, from 8am until 10pm
  • The Hackathon commences on Wednesday, November 16th 2016, at 7am PST. All Submissions for the Hackathon must be received by 1:00 PM PST on November 16. ANY SUBMISSIONS SUBMITTED AFTER THIS TIME WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • On November 16th from approximately 1 – 3pm PST, judges will review all Hackathon Submissions in person with each team.
  • At approximately 3pm PST, finalists will be announced and will present their apps on a lightning stage at the conference.

Final winners will be announced on or about 5pm PST on November 16, 2016 during the keynote address.

All times are approximate. GE reserves the right to modify all events and schedules in its sole discretion.

Once you register to attend the event, join the event on Devpost (to the right) where you will submit your final project. 

Hackathon Challenges (high level themes)

  • Digital Twin*: Build the "Digital Twin" of an industrial asset - an analytic representation of a gas turbine, an aircraft engine, or a lamp post. Then develop analytics and visualizations to predict and optimize performance (power output, uptime, maintenance cost), to drive industrial outcomes.
  • Workforce of the Future: How will technologies such as connected devices, mobile, responsive UIs, bots, and analytic-driven workflows empower the workforce of the future? This is your opportunity to reinvent field services management, asset operation, emergency response, and more.
  • Intelligent Environments:  Smart buildings, connected cities, intelligent transportation - intelligent environments bring computation into everyday physical world. Develop solutions to enhance occupant and citizen experiences, to drive environmental benefits for everyone, or to increase public safety.

 *Digital Twin definition - Digital Twins package data and intelligence about physical systems or sub-systems (for example Assets). The Digital Twin is built by experts and exposes knowledge, KPIs or Insights about the past, present and future performance and operation of the system


One application may be submitted per team/submitter. Limit 5 people per team. Teams must be registered via minds and machines conference website and a paying attendee of the conference. Attendee type; hackathon.



  • Must be built (and running) on Predix Platform; AND
  • Must consume provided sample data (gas turbine) into a Predix Data Management service; OR use Predix Intelligent Mapping service and / or Predix Dynamic Mapping service; OR connect to provided Intel Edison board, using Predix Machine software; AND
  • Should address problems related to the three category themes described in the Official Rules

The purpose of the Hackathon is to build new applications or Predix Platform – please don't just clone old repos.

Extra points will be awarded for:

  • Use of multiple (or all) of the proposed catalog services, data sets and device: Sample data; data management service; mapping service; Intel Edison board
  • Use of Predix Analytic services
  • Further usage of Predix services

Platform: Submissions must be a web browser app (either mobile or desktop). All submissions must include an active URL where the app is deployed. 

New/Existing Applications: Both new and existing apps may be submitted. Please note that all apps must not rely on technology that has not yet been announced or introduced to the market.

Submit the following assets:

  • Please submit at least one image/screenshot of your application. 
  • A way to access your working web application for judging and testing by providing an active URL where your app is deployed.   

Hackathon Sponsors


$46,000 in prizes

Foundry Accelerator "Best in Show" Package

Trip for up to 5 people to GE Foundry Paris, T/E covered, for one week of co-development; valued at up to $50k*.

Grand Prize Winner

To be split amongst the team.

Best Digital Twin App

To be split amongst the team.

Best “Workforce of the Future” app

To be split amongst the team.

Best “Intelligent Environment” app

To be split amongst the team.

DTLP Prize Track

Prize awarded to the Top DTLP GE team. $6000 to be split among team members.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Hackathon is FULL.

Each team must be registered for the Minds and Machines Conference. 


Jeffrey Hammond

Jeffrey Hammond
Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester

Jay Allardyce

Jay Allardyce
Chief Operating Officer | GE Power Digital

Jean Lau

Jean Lau
VP of Software Engineering, Predix GE Digital

Paul Stevenson

Paul Stevenson
Senior Product Manager, Energy Connections at GE

Akanshka Manik Talya

Akanshka Manik Talya
Director - Global Foundry Services & Operations at GE Digital

Beena Ammanth

Beena Ammanth
VP Data & Analytics at GE Digital

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of the Idea and App
    Includes creativity and originality of the Application idea, usability, design, and intuitiveness.
  • Potential Value or Benefits
    Includes the degree to which the Application provides scale and value.
  • Use of Predix Platform Services
    Includes the extent to which Predix services were used AND/OR the extent to which live data was incorporated from a Predix machine-enabled device.
  • Ease of implementation
    Includes the extent to which the value provided to the end user is realistically achievable with existing technologies within the near term; not vague or overly complex to user, or reliant on a technology that is not yet on the market.
  • Pitch of App
    Clarity and description of the problem addressed, how the app solves the problem, what technology is used, what Predix services are leveraged, what sensor and other data is used, and the connection the app makes to real-world industrial problems.

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